Alex Drummond

Alex Drummond is the lead photographer of GrrlAlex and Associates.

Hi – I’m Alex, a genderqueer trans-activist, photographic artist and lead photographer at GrrlAlex & Associates, and a psychologist when not behind the camera. I’m driven by a passion to create beautiful images – especially of people. I want people to love the images and portraits I create of them: for me it matters: it’s personal. As someone who for years hated being photographed, I finally came to understand the importance of the photographer in creating a flattering image. As a photographer, I like to take the time with my subjects to put them at ease and to create photographic compositions that flatter them, that portray them as they are naturally. Unlike the shoot-and-burn photographers, I care about the images that go out from my business.

Being Transgender….

Being transgender gives me a unique perspective on my work. Born as ‘male’ but having always identified as female I nowadays embrace genderqueer as a way of living authentically as a trans-female. The ‘grrl’ part of grrlAlex is pronounced ‘girl’ but references a post-feminist ideology that questions and challenges female norms.

What is Transgender: explaining the science

Over the past decade, scientific opinion has increasingly recognised the biological component to gender identity and latterly we are seeing more information about transgender identities in main stream media as more people find a way to transition. For many years I researched this question, “what is transgender” and having focused my Masters thesis on it I went on to write a book to bring this highly specialised knowledge to a wider audience you’ll find a link to my book here too. I’m still active as a human rights campaigner and activist to promote better understanding of trans* issues, and LGBT equality.

What is Transgender exactly?

“Transgender is a modern term that encompasses a whole spectrum of gender identities that sit both within and outside the binary of male-or-female.”

Transgender offers a useful way of recognising that chromosomal or anatomical ‘identity’ may be at variance with the internal sense of true gender identity, and that now surgery is no longer required to qualify for protection in law, it offers a more accurate term than the historical and medically defined classification of a ‘transsexual’. [see video below for more on this topic]

What is Transgender: explaining the diversity of Trans*

Some people will live in a full time presentation of their preferred gender, others will live part-time. And a whole new movement is emerging of people who are living between genders, embracing the potentials of gender-queer and gender-fluidity.

Useful Links:

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Transseminars – A series of mini-conference days bringing leading names in the field of gender and transgender studies to discuss the emerging trends in the field – Click this link to find out more about transgender theory and to learn more about “what is transgender”

what is transgender: GrrlAlex transgender book
GrrlAlex – A personal Journey to a transgender identity.

There are two videos below – the first is me presenting some of my work at the Warwick Transseminars conference in 2013:

and this one is my most recent paper, presented at the London Trans* Emerging Trends conference: