planning a wedding: top tips

Planning a Wedding: useful links and tips

Congratulations: you’ve got engaged and now the fun begins!

Planning a wedding: useful links and resources

In this article I’ll offer some useful links and information to help you on the journey of planning your wedding. First up I’ll post some links for the impatient among you, then I’ll write some stuff below mostly about the photography bit which is what I do.

Pinterest: When I find cool stuff my clients might find helpful I like to pin it on my pinterest board

Off-beat Bride: This is a cool website and blog for alternative, creative and geeky couples

Photography: How to choose a wedding photographer

Vintage Tea: Bridal parties and weddings in Wales see also: this blog post on bridal tea parties

Venues: Llechwen Hall above Pontypridd and Manor Parc Hotel in Cardiff.

Planning your wedding should be a really fun and creative journey. Although it can get stressful at times, the important thing to remember is that the day is for you and your partner. And the day should be one you both enjoy. Here are some helpful tips, including things to look for when choosing a photographer.

Planning a wedding: getting started

So – first things first: start assembling your mood boards. Details make a difference when it comes to weddings, so go through magazines, websites, catalogues and collect ideas and images that inspire you. It can help to have a scrap book for the stuff you tear out of magazines, but for webstuff you really need to get in to pinterest. It’s easy to use – once you have set up an account you start creating boards to ‘pin’ your images on. When you find images on the internet you can copy the image to your pinterest board, add notes about what appealed and it will automatically create a link back to the source so you can find the vendor when you need.

Planning a wedding: choosing the venue

The choice of venue will have as much impact on your wedding photos as the choice of dress. When you are looking at venues, look at their website for wedding photography and then google “[venue-name] weddings”. Obviously, stunning country houses make for some great photos but some of the more modest boutique hotels offer really beautiful backdrops to your wedding and can be very cost effective. If you are having a wedding in a 1980’s brick built hotel in the town centre it may make really beautiful group and couple shots difficult. A good venue will offer a combination of affordability, nice surroundings and good service.

Planning a wedding: choosing the photographer

With the market flooded in cheap DSLR cameras, everyone thinks they are a wedding photographer – but there is more to wedding photography than simply ‘taking snaps’. Learning how to take good quality photographs takes time and practice and there is a skill in knowing how to work with a couple and the wedding party to get people at their best. There are subtle but important considerations when it comes to posing that will flatter you and your partner – simply asking you to lift your arm slightly or turn slightly can have a massive effect on how you look, and the job of the photographer is to catch you at your best.

When most people take a photograph they snap the camera and download the image. When a professional wedding photographer takes an image we will spend several minutes with each image making small adjustments to create the best toning and composition possible: the images a professional photographer produces should not look like the ones you take – they should look like the ones you can’t take – that’s what you are paying the money for.

Wedding Photography: Photoshop is your friend

Modern digital cameras capture images to such high resolution that every imperfection becomes apparent. Its important that your images show you at your best, and as people see you. when we look at a person, we don’t scan the skin for imperfections or focus on the dark circles under the eyes – we just take in the person as an overview. The amount of correction I will apply depends on the model and the use of the image. In the image below, which was part of a fashion shoot, the processing is a little more than I generally use on a wedding but you’ll see how light skin corrections help bring the natural beauty of the model to the fore.
planning a wedding - choosing the photograher

If you look through my wedding photography portfolio you’ll see the standard I produce my wedding photography to.

For more on choosing a wedding photographer as part of your wedding planning, here’s another link to my article How to choose a wedding photographer I cover some of the key considerations.

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