Gay Weddings Photography

Gay Weddings Photographer

Do you need a Gay Weddings Photographer to shoot a Gay Wedding?

Your wedding day is a special day and the photography that records the moments of that day should be something you both cherish for the rest of your lives: so choosing the right photographer for your needs is a decision that needs to be taken particularly carefully.

Gay Weddings have much in common with traditional weddings, and with the new amendment to the marriage act they are finally equal now …..but they are different too!

Choosing a wedding photographer for your gay wedding: a few things to consider…

Making the final choice of photographer can be a daunting task, and whilst personal recommendation is often the best way to find someone suitable, different couples can have different needs.  This is even more so the case for those of us from the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender) community 

Gay Couple in love

As a gay couple you need to be confident that your photographer feels warmly and kindly towards your union – quite simply, a photographer who is uncomfortable in seeing a same sex couple embrace and kiss is simply unsuited to this work, regardless of technical expertise or experience.  As members of the LGBT community we are all too aware of how much internalised homophobia still exists within society.

Gay Weddings challenge basic assumptions about gender role and identity.

Traditional photographers for example, have favourite poses based on the [male] groom being generally more dominant over the [female] bride – but in a same sex couple, the interplay both physically and psychologically means a photographer must be more creative in finding poses that reflect more naturally the harmonic of the relationship.  Gay Weddings photography, even more so than traditional wedding photography, can often require additional sensitivity to family dynamics that may need to be sympathetically handled.

Choosing GrrlAlex and Associates for your gay weddings photography offers you the confidence and piece of mind that you have chosen a team of photographers who will bring expertise and empathy to your special day.

As an ‘out’ genderqueer trans-woman, with many years experience of working within the LGBT community to promote equality and human rights for LGBT people;  and as a counsellor and psychotherapist who specialises in gender and sexuality diversity issues I bring that awareness and sensitivity.  My associates (one of whom will assist me when photographing your wedding) are also drawn from the LGBT community so that you can be confident of both technical expertise, and an LGBT positive mindset.



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