Mumsnet Newport november image

Mumsnet Newport & Monmouth: November image

Mumsnet Newport november image

Mumsnet Newport & Mon: Autumn image

There is as ever a slightly abstract rationale behind this image. As a creative photographer I like to find images that move outside the conventional, help us see things with a new perspective. Here’s the story of how I came to choose this image.

Autumn is mostly about dark evenings and colourful leaves and I wanted to capture that in an image that also drew on the idea of finding pleasure in simple things. I’d gone out looking for inspiration for this month’s image on a theme of autumn, and found it all to easy to think in terms of seeking out dramatic tree-scapes or big mountain views to shoot. But soon I realised as I walked up the mountain path, that I was oblivious to the many wonders on the footpath around me. The deep red leaves of a bramble caught my eye and this was the image I settled on.

Dark evenings shorten our days, and with the shorter hours of daylight, nature takes its cue to bed down for winter. And it’s this combination of colder nights and reduced light that gifts us the stunning colours of autumn, as the green chlorophyll in the leaves subsides and we are left with the oranges and reds of residual sugars that have been feeding the plant.

In this image I wanted to symbolise those elements: dark evenings, nature; colour; and finding beauty in simple things: in this case spotting a bramble on the verge of a mountain path just above Risca. Soon it will be winter but for the next few weeks at least the chance is there to go outdoors and marvel at the wondrous colours of autumn.

The image will be the feature image for Mumsnet Newport and Monmouthshire region for November – here’s a link to their homepage

Walking back to the car, I paused to shoot a view of the Risca Valley.

And then, collecting my gear together and continuing down the hill I saw a young couple with a dog on a lead walking towards me. As we passed, some four feet or so between us, and we smiled at each other in acknowledgement of the joy of a late autumn morning, suddenly out of the corner of my eye I spotted the dog launch for my arm. And so it was that I spent the rest of the afternoon in casualty waiting to have the wound sorted and a tetanus jab.

Thankfully, only a surface wound but a sobering moment for a couple who struck me as otherwise responsible dog owners.