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Patchwork C4: Transgender diversity celebrated

Patchwork – Trans* lives: digital storytelling series

Thursday 31st July saw me at C4 headquarters in Horseferry Road, London for the launch of the Patchwork: My Genderation project.

GrrlAlex at C4 Patchwork Launch

I’ve been proud to be involved in the Patchwork project, a collaboration between Lucky Tooth Films and All About Trans* which has been tasked to produce twenty-five mini-documentaries presenting positive images of trans* lives. Fox and Lewis are the creative team behind Lucky Tooth Films and of course are more well known for their involvement in the C4 series My Transsexual Summer. They have set out to create a series of short films showcasing and illustrating a much wider spectrum of transgender lives than many people may be aware of. The Patchwork project films have been done with great sensitivity and will be available via youtube in the near future. (I’ll post a link when they are out).

Patchwork: All About Trans

Patchwork Launch - Fox & Lewis

Fox Fisher and Lewis Hancox from Lucky Tooth Films are well respected within the community. Their own trans* status helps them appreciate the concerns and sensitivities people within the trans* community can have, and their work has always brought humanity and compassion to the presentation of the subject. These well established credentials have helped them enjoy unprecedented access and engagement to a community rightfully cautious of film and documentary makers. And ya know what, they’re lovely guys to work with, really easy going and fun to spend time around.

The Patchwork project has involved a lot of travel for the guys of Lucky Tooth Films. They have wanted to film people in their own homes and local environments rather than drag everyone to a studio in London (which would have been a whole heap easier from a filming perspective!)

So, in May 2014 they came to Wales to be involved with the All About Trans interactions and to work with several of us from the trans* community here. Weather can be unpredictable at the best of times here in Wales and luckily, despite showers, we managed to get some great outdoors footage in Cardiff before driving up to Swansea where I was presenting a workshop on Trans* at BiFest Cymru in Swansea.

Patchwork C4 Launch London

Patchwork participants travel across london

I had the pleasure of travelling across London with Jayne & Sam – two fellow activists from here in South Wales who are also featured in the series. trans actiivsts Sam and Jayne at C4 for Patchwork launch

The evening launch was introduced by the fabulous Paris Lees
Paris Lees introduces Patchwork launch

It was a really enjoyable night, a chance to catch up with old friends and meet interesting new people. When the films are available for general release I’ll post an update with some links. Here’s a taster…

The Patchwork project has been a collaboration between Lucky Tooth Films, Channel 4 and All About Trans and is supported financially by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Channel 4.

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