abstract of a building at dusk

Caerphilly Photographer GrrlAlex does London

Caerphilly photographer Alex Drummond aka grrlAlex has a weekend in the big city…

In my other life as a campaigner for LGBT human rights I sometimes get to do the odd conference. This weekend saw me leave Caerphilly and head for London for a two day conference on Transgender health care. Taking the opportunity of being in London I headed for Picadilly and Covent Garden area to see what caught my eye.

street scene at night in picadilly

The picture above was shot in Picadilly in the evening experimenting with slow shutter and frozen motion – the guy is lost in his phone as the world spins around him. The following day I explored the Covent garden area – here in the centre of a busy city a yacht chandler – established for centuries and somehow still finding a way to survive a changing world.

Yacht chandlery in the centre of London

Another old and established business from an almost bygone era is this umbrella shop – the gold leaf signwriting is a rare sight these days.
umbrella shop london

In Russell Square, the renowned Hotel Russell is a fine example of victorian architecture with elegant and fine detail – its sister hotel, the Imperial designed and built by the same architect was demolished in the late 1960’s and replaced by a modern building in the 1970’s. Sadly, this one lacks the finesse and timeless elegance – how how its archetecture now looks hideously dated.
Imperial Hotel London

Most entertaining photography opportunity came on Saturday morning – on leaving my hotel I spotted a man wearing flying goggles and sitting on a motorised blue fur covered sofa – cant make that sort of stuff up – here’s Tony of Cummfy Banana – manufacturers of offbeat motorised vehicles
motorised sofa by cummfy banana

The conference went well and the trip to London was a rare treat to catch up with people and do some street photography just for the love of my art. Did a lot of walking and spent a fair amount of time on the underground – here then to close this post is Caerphilly photographer Alex Drummond doing a rare selfie…

Caerphilly photographer Alex Drummond