Understanding Transgender: Familiarity breeds acceptance

It surprises many to hear that I get very little hassle being out as a transgender person. Being trans can lead us to fear transphobia but I’m increasingly learning that attitude and confidence is key to tackling transphobia – both internalised and external. Over time, I have become more confident being out and, most of the times I am in town say shopping, or travelling to and attending conferences the occasions are unremarkable because there is no hassle to overcome – in fact I get a lot of very positive reactions truth be told. And for my part I have a basic premise for personal safety which is that I assess the safety of a situation by working out if a young lone female would be out in the same context. And this seems to work just fine. Continue reading…

Afternoon tea in Wales: cake selection

Afternoon Tea in Wales

Afternoon Tea in Wales The Angel, Abergavenny finally has some competition!

For many people in South Wales, The Angel Hotel in Abergavenny has been the ‘go-to’ for Afternoon tea in Wales. However, recently opened within the Pontypool Museum in the heart of Torfaen is a little hidden gem: a vintage tea room serving a selection of hand made cakes and choice of teas and coffee. Ornate and authentic vintage china sets the right tone, and delicately made sandwiches and beautifully crafted cakes make for a real sense of occasion.

Each afternoon tea is hand-crafted to order and so advance booking is necessary. Open on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays the tea room offers a traditional afternoon tea served on vintage china with hand-crafted cakes and fancies.

afternoon_tea_FB11  Continue reading…