The art of a good portrait is in the rapport the photographer creates with the subject. Most of us hate having our picture taken and that’s often because photographs in the past were taken by people who lacked either the technical skill, the necessary equipment or who failed to create the safety and rapport that is necessary to bring a natural look. I want people to look at a photograph of themselves and feel it portrays them correctly, as they wish to be seen, as they are when they are at their most natural. And I know I’ve achieved that when the feedback is like this from a recent subject:

“I think it’s one of the nicest picture of me I’ve ever had taken (probably the nicest!)”.

I can offer wedding photography (in the documentary style), portrait photography (studio based or outdoors in natural and location settings) and product photography for local businesses who wish to promote the quality of their products with quality images for use in promotional materials and in social media.

Gay Wedding Photographer

I love shooting weddings, and have a particular interest Gay weddings photography, alternative brides and plus-size brides. Choosing the right wedding photographer for your particular needs is an important decision so I’ve written this article to help you know how to choose – How to choose a wedding photographer


Whether you are a business owner needing a head-shot, an actor or musician needing promotional imagery, or just someone who’d love a really nice photo of yourself or your family, working with a professional photographer makes a difference. Working with someone who can put you at ease and help guide you to the best pose will ensure you have photographs of yourself you will be proud of. Importantly, as well as having studio space available, I can call on professional make up artists to assist with the shoot. Find out more about my portraiture photography

Commerical Photography

I provide a cost effective service for local small businesses to promote themselves and their products. You’ll note I have a particular interest in photographing food (mostly because I like food!) and in covering events photography.

About Grrl-Alex (yeah, it’s pronounced ‘girl’)

gay wedding photographer - Alex Drummond

I’m driven by a passion for creating beautiful imagery. As a wedding photographer I like to work with couples where the quality of the photography really matters, and where a playful rapport allows creativity to flow between us. I want to be able to work with you to producing an album with something beyond conventional, something individual to you as a couple. I’m happy to shoot all types of wedding – my work as a gay wedding photographer comes out of my own connection with the LGBT community and a long history of campaigning not only for LGBT rights but also for marriage equality.

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